Our Staff

Our Staff

walterPastor Walter “Chino” Acuna and Family

A note from Pastor Chino:

For me, Camp Brittney is a very special place. When Kenneth Bledsoe shared with me the dream of buying property in Costa Rica, I knew immediately that this was an answer to my prayers; to have this camp in which we could take many youth and have a special time with God. So I told Kenneth that I would be prepared to help with this project. Today upon seeing what God has done in this place, I know that it was a good decision, and I know that we are anticipating beautiful things that God will do with many children and youth. I work with the administration of the property and it is a privilege for me to dedicate part of my time to this marvelous place.

The Brittney Strom Foundation feels fortunate to have Pastor Chino handling the administration of Camp Brittney in Costa Rica. Pastor Chino was pastor of the Bledsoe family when they lived in Costa Rica 11 years ago and has remained a close friend ever since. Although Pastor Chino is supported by his church, El Lugar, we would like to encourage and thank him for the time we know he does not have but gives to Camp Brittney! 

alonsoAlonso and Vivian Angulo

 A note from Alonso and Vivian:

On December 13, 2005, we returned to Costa Rica after having attended the Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina for three years to begin serving the Lord with Word of Life Costa Rica. After two years with WOL, the Lord led us into a conversation with Pastor Walter, our pastor and Camp Brittney’s Director in Costa Rica. He challenged us to assume a new ministry, to start the Strom Bible Institute at Camp Brittney. After several months of praying and asking for advice, we left WOL and began serving on March 3, 2008 as the first full-time missionaries with Camp Brittney.

Since 2008 I have been serving the Lord as the Strom Bible Institute Director. Through this beautiful ministry I have the opportunity to work alongside a great staff of missionaries and to lead young students through their preparation for the ministry.  I also serve as Associate Pastor at El Lugar Missionary church in San José. We praise the Lord for the grace that allows us to serve Him in the expansion of His kingdom.

christianCristian Rossi and Family

A note from Cristian:

I was born in Argentina and at the age of 17 I accepted Christ as my only and personal Savior! Then by the grace of God, I met Romina who today is my wife. Together we started to help in our local church. About six years later we were called to prepare ourselves at a Bible Institute, so we decided to attend Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina to study the Word of God. At that time we were challenged to pray for a country. We chose Costa Rica and since then we have continued praying for this beautiful place! God placed a great burden in my heart and so I traveled to Costa Rica in July 2011 to see the Camp Brittney ministry and participate in their winter camp. At that time I saw clearly God´s confirmation that this was the place He had prepared for my family and me to serve Him. Today, thanks to God´s grace and mercy we are serving as a family in this ministry; teaching and counseling at The Strom Bible Institute and taking care of maintenance at the property during camp seasons.

laurenLauren Black

A note from Lauren:

In 2011, I went on my first mission trip called the World Race. It was to 11 countries in 11 months.  This journey was forever life-changing and helped me grow closer to God. Once I returned to the United States I took a year to pray about what would be my next step. God kept bringing Camp Brittney into my life, but I kept saying no. One thing I have learned through this is that when He calls us to serve we need to listen to the plan He has for us!

In June 2012, I had the opportunity to meet with Dayna Bledsoe about Camp Brittney and immediately in talking with her about the camp I knew that this was where God was calling me. Two weeks later, I was headed to Costa Rica to serve during the July winter camp. After returning to the United States, I started praying about the opportunity I had with The Brittney Strom Foundation. In January 2013, I started full-time with the foundation. My responsibilities are to be a support to all the Camp Brittney and Strom Bible Institute missionaries, help host short-term mission teams when they are in Costa Rica, and help to raise awareness of The Brittney Strom Foundation.  God has done some amazing things in my life and I am excited for this journey with Him!


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