Strom Bible Institute

The Strom Bible Institute began in 2007 around a coffee table with lots of prayer and a dream of people who wanted to prepare others to serve the Lord. SBI is guided by three fundamental principles sustained by the Word of God: to edify, teach and equip. We want to edify each of our student’s lives so they can learn and grow spiritually, teach the Word of God in a systematic and complete way, and equip them with useful tools for the ministry in every field. The SBI is a tool that develops the students in their local church with the purpose of edifying its members and congregations in every possible way. Students may receive a one year certificate or a three year degree from The Strom Bible Insitute. The first graduation of SBI took place in December 2011 with seven students graduating.

The Strom Bible Institute is lead by Alonso Angulo. Alonso and his wife, Vivian, are both 2005 graduates of the Word of Life Seminary in Argentina.