Frequently Asked Questions


Are there a minimum or maximum number of people we can bring on a team?

We have no minimum but our maximum is 30 in order to guarantee we can meet your group’s needs.

How can payments for trips and other donations be made?

Checks can be made payable to The Brittney Strom Foundation and mailed to 3037 Old Charleston Road, Saluda South Carolina. 29138. You can also make a payment or give a donation on our webpage through PayPal as well.

How much money should we bring on our trip and will we need to exchange it for Costa Rica colones?

While in Costa Rica you will only need money for snacks and souvenirs. Depending on your spending habits, we feel $100-$125 is plenty if you will be buying souvenirs at airport, etc. It is best to bring money in bills of $20 or smaller. This will allow you to use your American dollars most everywhere you go. The colon (es) is the currency of Costa Rica and on average one dollar usually exchanges for 500 colones. It is very important you do not bring torn bills or bills that have writing or ink marks on them.

Will my debit/credit card work while in Costa Rica?

Yes. Most larger stores will accept your cards with a picture ID. We do recommend letting your credit card company know that you will be using your card out of the country.

Will my calling card bought in the US and my cell phone work in Costa Rica/

Calling cards purchased in the US will work at camp if you call the # on the back of the card before leaving the US and get instructions on how to use the card calling from outside of the United States.

Your cell phone may or may not work depending on your provider and if you have added international coverage to your plan. However, per minute charges may be much higher so please check with your provider for questions regarding your plan and international service.

Do we need any shots before our trip?

We recommend an up-to-date tetanus and also a Hepatitis A shot.

Do we need to purchase travel insurance for our group?

We recommend you do. This insurance will cover you for expenses related to accidents, illnesses, and death while in Costa Rica.

Do I need a power convertor for my hair dryer, camera charger, etc?

No. However, there are usually NOT as many outlets in rooms as you are use to in the States.

What clothes do I need for my trip?

Christian culture in Costa Rica is much more conservative than the United States. We ask ladies to only wear knee-length shorts, capri pants, or pants. No short shorts are allowed! Also for swimming purposes, only one-piece bathing suits are permitted. You will need casual clothing such as bermuda shorts and a t-shirt for most days. However, you will want to bring a skirt, nice dress pants or a dress for church on Sunday. For men a polo and khakis are perfectly fine.

Depending if you are coming during rainy season or not, will determine if you need to bring rain gear and extra shoes. We ask that you bring one pair of closed toed shoes to wear into Los Guido and for construction projects. You will also need these for excursions such as zip lining.

Do I need sleeping gear?

No. All bedding is provided at camp.

Is there anything we should or should not bring to camp?

We recommend you leave your valuables at home. However, please remember to bring any prescriptions you need with you.

Is safety a concern in Costa Rica?

Safety is an issue in San Jose, the capital, just like any other larger city. However, safety is much less of a concern in rural areas like Atenas where Camp Brittney is located. The main thing you remember when walking in areas is that pedestrians do not have the right of way in Costa Rica!

Will my team be able to sightsee or go on an excursion day while we are in Costa Rica?

We usually plan on one day for your group to travel and see the beauty of Costa Rica. There are many options available including zip lining and canopy tours, La Paz Butterfly Garden and Waterfalls, Café Brit coffee tour, the Basilica in Cartago, volcano tours and many more.


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